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© 2015 Stuart South

South painting in his first French Quarter art studio.

South painting at the southern most point of the Big Island.


Stuart South


     Stuart South showed promise in art at an early age.  According to his mother at a year old he drew his first picture, a light bulb, as if in that moment he had the idea to become an artist.  Art has remained a lifelong passion for him.

     He was born in New Orleans in 1975.  From the ages of five to nine he lived in the high plains of Montana were he became enthralled with the mountains.  He drew pictures of them endlessly.  He also lived in Illinois, Mississippi, and Washington state.  When he was fourteen he moved to York Town, Virginia where he first painted with oil on canvas, creating hundreds of works.

     South moved back to New Orleans and attended college.  First he studied Chemistry and Geology at LSU before transferring to Tulane where he took a printmaking class that convinced him to focus all his energy on art.  Then at UNO he studied painting, printmaking, and sculpture. 

     In 2000 he began to work with a group of artists at the Pickery, an alternative mixed discipline art space that became very prominent in the New Orleans underground art scene.  There he produced paintings, sculptures, experimental videos, art installations, and helped curate exhibitions.

     Katrina made a huge impact on his life.  The storm washed away all vestiges of his pre-Katrina world.  But instead of discouraging him it propelled him into a life of continues art making.  He joined the Jackson Square Artist’s Colony in 2006.  He was voted in as a Jackson Square Committee Member and served two years.  He then started exhibiting his work at several venues, shops, and galleries around New Orleans.

     South was juried into the Dutch Alley Artist’s Co-op in 2011 and was a member until 2014.  There he gained an immense insight into marketing and other aspects of the business side of art.

     In 2011 he made a life awakening sojourn to Hawaii. Within hours of his arrival he was overtaken with a deep feeling that he belonged on the island.  He returned to New Orleans and spent the next few years dreaming of that land and planning for his return.  He found the love of his life, fellow artist Laura Franch.  Together they decided to leave their home in the French Quarter and adventure to the Big Island in 2015 in pursuit of a life closer to nature where he worked en plein air.  They lived there for seven months before returning to New Orleans.

     Stuart South currently lives and works in the French Quarter. 

On the roof of his French Quarter apartment.